Online Meetup Year-end 2023

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This was the first event of the Svelte Vietnam community and the last of 2023 as we came closer to the end of yet another year full of API changes and AI news. The event lasted for about two hours, with a combination of pre-record videos and live discussions. We took inspiration from past events of Svelte Summit, Vite Conf, and other events in the web platform ecosystem, and hopefully would establish a precedent for many more events to come.

Shout out to community members who took time to join the meetup: Tymon, Bắc, Tuấn, and those in or outside the community who watched the livestream at Youtube.

A big thank to Huy Mai for giving us permission to use his music for the event.


2023.12.16, -
Live via Youtube and Discord


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Event cover image
three community members having fun during livestream
Livestream moment. Members: Tymon, Bắc, Tuấn (not visible), and Quang
video thumbnail: State of Svelte Vietnam 2023
Video thumbnail: "A Svelte Vietnam"
video thumbnail: A Few Secrets of
Video thumbnail: "A Few Secrets of"