Development plan for site

Milestone: Âu Lc

Objective: bootstrap project, infrastructure, and basic development processes

Primary tasks:

  • ☑ Set up Github organization, project, and repository
  • ☑ Introduce the “Project Reference” document that provides an overview of the Svelte Vietnam project
  • ☑ Design and integrate the official logo for Svelte Vietnam
  • ☑ Set up branding repository to store public assets (including logo with version history) and the “Branding Guidelines" document (discussing about usage of Svelte Vietnam's public assets)
  • ☑ Introduce the Home page with basic design
  • ☑ Develop websocket service and bot for Discord server, making ways to gradually add new features to enrich experience for users on both Discord and the site
  • ☑ Set up basic metadata and SEO, including sitemap.xml, Google Search Console, Google Analytics
  • ☑ Introduce this Roadmap page

Milestone: T

Objective: prepare for the first official release of sveltevietnam (v1.0.0), focusing on developing blog and events pages, as well as necessary features and content for the community to start participating and contributing more actively.

Primary tasks:

Related tasks as preparation for the next milestone:

Chữ Nôm

Milestone: Đng

Objective: build infrastructure and processes for posting and scraping jobs related to Svelte or Front-end.

Primary tasks:

  • ☑ Publish the Jobs page with basic design
  • ☐ Develop a web scarper and cron job to automatically find related jobs
  • ☐ Set up processes for sponsors to post and link jobs

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