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Svelte Vietnam: from Local to Global
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What is Svelte Vietnam? How does it come about? Why is it even necessary? Let's get to the bottom of these questions in this blog post.

Quang Phan


This is where Svelte Vietnam community members share and spread knowledge, ideas, and their experience in Svelte and open source communities around the world.

You may find that this blog operates a bit differently compared to other systems. Read "Behind the Screen: A Yes-code Blog of Svelte Vietnam" to understand the decisions behind its infrastructure design.

Join Svelte Vietnam Discord to discuss directly with the community and admins about requests and issues related to writing blog posts.

How to Write

Svelte Vietnam welcomes everyone to write and share their posts or link their own posts on this blog. This is the most practical and direct way that members can contribute to the community.

If you do not use Github, contact administrators via Discord or [email protected].

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