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    A web technology for building user interface that enables great end-user experience without trading off developer productivity

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    A technology hub with engaging developers and rapidly growing investment in sustainable technologies and digital transformation

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    Svelte Vietnam

    A go-to and one-stop information center, and an inclusive community for anyone interested in the adoption of Svelte in Vietnam

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Join the Svelte Vietnam Discord and start having conversations, help or seek help from other members. To contribute to the source code of this website or other open source projects from Svelte Vietnam, visit the Svelte Vietnam Github page.


Join the community to share your experience, products, and all thing Svelte and open source

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Besides Discord, the Svelte Vietnam Blog is our most official and practical channel for sharing.

Come for Svelte, Stay for the Web
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Svelte is exceptionally good at staying out of your way, allowing you to focus on building a better web. No one cares about frameworks anyway!

Quang Phan


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